In the accademic year 2021-2022 I've worked on a group project called Project Tremotino (Rumpelstiltskin in italian), an Action RPG developed in Unreal Engine 4.

The Assignement

This game was made for the Accademia Italiana di Videogiochi annual assignment (they call it the "Big One"). The project would have a development period of 7 months. In december AIV gave us the following requirements for the project.

Must Do: Must Not:


In mid-january we had to pitch our idea. If the pitch was rejected we would have had another month to make a second and final pitch. The development would start immediately after a successful pitch, and it would be supervised on a bi-weekly basis and with monthly milestones.

Based on the tools we were given, Unreal Engine 4 and Ascent Combat Framework, we decided to make an Action RPG. The game would have been a single-player focused on melee combat against groups of enemies, with mechanics that rewarded a more risky and aggressive playstyle. The setting we aimed for was a cyberpunk-fantasy world made of various floating islands. We did a Google Slides presentation and

Project Tremotino passed on its first pitch, so we began development in mid-january.



My job covered the design of the main weapon, the laser katana, narrative design and blueprints development.

A crowd of UE4 default mannequins and a low poly orc
Early-development screenshot.